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11 Jun 2014
The highest values of the pulse reach the evening. In supine pulse rate lower than a sitting position and a standing order. It is best to measure the pulse in the morning, lying - immediately after waking up. The most accurate values can be obtained, if we calculate the pulse for 1 minute.  Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

However, this is not necessary. Can be considered strikes for 30 seconds and then multiply by 2. Despite solid Apparatus equipment of modern medicine, it cannot exceed, by far, the method of pulse diagnosis used in traditional medicine. This is the most effective method of diagnosis, which reached traditional medicine for millennia of its existence. 

Exploring the patient's pulse, a specialist doctor of traditional medicine can reliably tell you what ill patient for life, what disease and what phase is available today and what awaits him in the future if the patient will not be engaged in their health. On the acquisition of a diagnostic medical specialist spends many years. Should not be checked pulse: •    Immediately after meals, alcohol or drugs •    With a sharp sense of hunger •    For more information

 After heavy physical work or stressful mental work •    After massage •    After a bath or sex •    Stay after the fire, in the sun or cold •    Bad sleep •    In the critical days (women).  Learn, and a simplified version of this diagnosis is quite simple. You will not be an expert diagnosis, do not learn to make the diagnosis, but learn to identify from the norm, and therefore be able to react in time.


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